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Seagrove Beach: A Secluded Florida Gem
by: Jennifer Weiss
As part of the 26-mile string of sugary sand splendor that makes up the stunning Beaches of South Walton, Seagrove Beach invites visitors to relax along the Gulf of Mexico and cast their worries out to sea. Always brimming with recreational activities and offering a vacation full of the simple pleasures, escaping the ordinary is just the tip of the iceberg in Seagrove Beach.

Located along the Florida Panhandle in a region aptly named the Emerald Coast, Seagrove Beach is the proud owner of soft, snow white sand and crystal clear emerald waters that seem to stretch on forever. While the brilliant contrast between sand and water is always breathtaking upon first glance, this beachfront paradise requires active pursuits of its visitors for a full appreciation of its natural beauty. Sunbathing, swimming, and sandcastle-building have been popular ventures since before the area was a popular tourist destination, but much more excitement is at your fingertips than you could possibly imagine.

As Seagrove Beach, along with the entire Beaches of South Walton area, has gradually changed from a quaint destination filled with vacation cottages into a slightly commercialized, but still charming, retreat, vendors have cropped up to take advantage of its gulf front allure. Boat rentals and jet ski rentals are readily available for a family adventure out on the water, while setting foot aboard a fishing charter is perfect for those who dream of reeling in a trophy catch. However, beyond the immediate beachfront, plenty of water-bound and landlocked excursions are still awaiting in this stunning natural wonderland.

Like an undisturbed jewel along the Florida Panhandle, Beaches of South Walton is teeming with lazy, spring-fed rivers and creeks that are ideal for kayaking and canoeing enthusiasts. In addition, the 17 freshwater and saltwater lakes in the area offer swimming, fishing, boating, and convenience to the area’s five state parks. For visitors staying in Seagrove Beach, the Deer Lake State Park is close at hand and offers access to the picturesque coastal dune lake of the same name.

Within the confines of the park, there are miles of nature trails where visitors can soak in the gorgeous features, including southern magnolias, scrub oaks, and golden asters, of this coastal dune habitat. Rare plants also thrive in this environment, so be sure to keep an eye out for the spoonflower, pitcher plants, and gulf coast lupine. While bird watching and wildlife viewing are popular in this and all of the other state parks, a walk through the Cassine Gardens in Seagrove Beach is also perfect for anyone who needs a break from the beach and wants to commune with nature.

Renting a bicycle for the duration of your vacation is one of the most popular ways to get around the Beaches of South Walton area, and you could certainly use it to get a little exercise before stopping by the Eastern Lake Nursery. Situated in an old cottage and garden, you can peruse the fragrant herbs and flowers from the Deep South and around the world. Before heading back to the beach, also be sure to stop by a few of the antiques dealers and art galleries in Seagrove Beach to pick up a charming piece for your home or to simply escape the sun.

Beaches of South Walton is an area whose outdoor wonders and spectacular natural beauty was meant to be explored and appreciated by all of its visitors. Rather than isolating yourself from its majestic nature, surround yourself with its waterfront splendor and its sandy shores by selecting a Seagrove Beach rental as your vacation home baseSeagrove Beach vacation rentals are located just steps away from the crystalline waters of the Gulf and are perfect for soaking in this gorgeous environment on your private balcony or patio. To experience the best of the Emerald Coast with all of the comforts of home at your fingertips, book your dream vacation home or condo rental today. has the most comprehensive selection of vacation rental homes on the Internet. For an alternative lodging option, consider Seagrove Beach vacation rentals for your next trip to Florida’s Emerald Coast.


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